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We are the Team of Marketing & Communications Professionals with a proven track record known throughout the market for delivering results to our Clients with brand, marketing, advertising, media, social media marketing, public and government relations needs. We identify marketing, management or communication needs and work with our Clients to develop cost effective non-standard strategies to attract more customers/participants and help their businesses or communities grow.

The Consulting Company is primarily focused on integrated communications projects with highly effective and measurable business results

Management Consulting

BUR.Consulting MC unit exists to provide innovative consultancy or training approaches developed specifically to meet the individual current and future needs of our Clients. This is delivered through our highly experienced Team who can be extremely proud on their reputation for exceptional performance and quality.

This is not a secret anymore, that qualitative organizations succeed even in difficult times and continue to grow and improve their reliability even despite very aggressive, unstable or even crisis economic climate.

We are supporting them to review, refocus or simply strengthen their approaches to success and develop strategies and activities that deliver significant benefits for the Clients, Stakeholders and Employees as a must. This includes delivering stability and opportunities to grow both now and in future.

Via a proactive and positive approach to organizational challenge, change and new success


BUR.Сonsulting is out of any political movement, but what we encourage all our Clients is to actively cooperate with Governmental Institutions. Cooperate effectively to reach visible results. Our network of contacts across the political spectrum enables us to provide detailed strategic guidance on the correct & legal approaches for cooperation with Governments, the Personalities and the Politics out of politics relevant to achieving your corporate objectives, shifting them with the current Countries needs.

This political understanding is reinforced with intimate knowledge of the Government and People’s specific as well as needs, what guarantees our Clients the necessary results.

Leverage unique perspective which the right GR opens to your company new advantages and protect your current business as well as develop new international markets


With a strong vision of International Level Digital Marketing to achieve mutual success, BUR.Consulting is dedicated to assisting you with all of your digital needs: creative, strategy and project roll out, short term communication campaigns or long-term retainer support. It is no matter for us – if this is a startup or a well-established business.

Forget about first page promotion among search results. Make people search your company’s web site without any direct advertising and the site will find its 1st page/1st place straight away. Sounds simple enough but, trust us, there is a lot of knowledge behind on how to execute this.

Invest your digital budget non-standardly, it guarantees your company good ROI from each digital kopek


Facebook promo or context advertisement? Well, why not. But better real World of Mouth, Rumors, Gossips and even Spies as well as your own Brand Ambassadors, Brand Advocates and own gained and educated Social-Journalists. Just share your love to the brand with the Customers. We will support you with the right established channels.

Just share your Love to the own Brand with your Customers!


Marketing is the bridge between Market and Consumers. PR – design of the quality

Loved brand or other? What’s different between loved, most loved, aspirational and just other brands? You already feel, but can’t explain. We know how to set right brand position, choose correct Target Audience and resonate.

Brand Marketing: Differentiate or Die!

Public Relations - it’s simple: be honest, proactive, speak well about competitors, don’t be shy of your own disadvantages, and speak with your target auditory on the language they would like to hear. Interfere with public mind, be significant part of it.


Have you ever been to the farside of the Moon? Unfortunately, we also haven’t. Ever. But we know those who have been there. Kidding.

Look out of standard point of view, that’s the key for the right decision. Gather mass Consumers to ask, follow Akia Morita approach and feel the market needs or try to copy Steve Jobs (Customers don't know what they want) – depends on the Market or Niche you are going to enter, but what’s is the real rule – this is right market sensing and deep market analytic which we may provide you with.

Follow the marketing & business geniuses art and be proud of the results
retail Marketing and Merchandising
Real time market sensing? Just let us share it with you

BUR retail sensing unit - surely the most reliable and trustworthy team of retail Professionals in Ukraine. 5 regional supervisors and more than 60 retail auditors all over the Country are ready to provide you with a wide range of field insights.

Usually it helps other organizations to make always smart and right business decisions. Just by gathering always-actual information like prices and answers to the questions “what’s happened if” or “how do you like”. Only truth, only right TA’s representatives.

And of course to combine, analyze and share valuable consumer insights with Clients via specially developed easy-to-monitor software platform even in real time.

Bright future of your Brand!

Do you like Elvis Presley and Richard Wagner? Suprematism and Modern Art? And do you know what’s Igor Sikorsky and Sergey Korolev role in the development of modern engineering? Be closer, be helpful and visible enough. Associate with those who will live forever, it makes you closer to the bright future of your brand.


Ready to accept our communication process rules and vision as your own? If so, welcome on board of our Privileged Clients.

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